Juliya Delani, the world famous abstract artist, has recently visited Hawaii, the picturesque island of Oahu, where she gotto work on the new series of exclusive paintings. They are going to be represented at the largest charity auction “Sotheby’s” in London for the first time really soon.

Here are 5 unknown facts about this talented contemporary artist we want to share with you.

1. Delani’s works bring good luck
Juliya is fond of travelling and starts a new masterpiece literally in every new country. Since her first work created in Florence, the artist realized that the mystery of the place reflected in her work. Her paintings are liberated, they do not depress, as Juliya never paints when she feels blue or tired: she believes it’ll be energetically transmitted. They say that Delani’s paintings bring good luck and well-being because she creates them at the peak of positive emotions.

2. Bretarian-diet work process
One of Juliya’s biggest secrets is that while working at the masterpiece she suspends from any food leaving only water and clean ocean breeze in her diet. It works as a cleansing and rebooting for her mind and gives a full swing to her hands and materials not bothering about the boring everyday staff. Delani’s longest period without food was a week and two days – she devoted herself to feelings, freed the flows of powerful feminine energy and creativity and created a painting that is still hidden from the eyes of the wide audience. Perhaps one day she will show it to the world.

3. Inspired by Matisse
Delani’s favorite artist is Henri Matisse. It is inspired by his vivid works of art, the combination of colors and the philosophical idea that every picture carries inside.

4. “The new language of art”
This is how critics called her style. Interestingly, Juliya sometimes uses a quill in her painting. This is a family heirloom, which leaves delicate lines and contours. This family-herited tip distinguishes her from other abstractionists.

5. Juliya does a lot of charity
Last year Delani’s painting “The Soul of the Ocean” was sold at a charity auction, this year her works will be presented at the largest charity auction “Sotheby’s” in London. As for her helping those in need is a big priority, Juliya is also planning to launch a charity fund to help children from Ukraine.